Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wolf -NEEDS- a Dinosaur Plush! Halp wolf? O.o

omg! omg! omg!

If 20 people sign up for this promo by Sinclair Oil, a wolf will get a plush dino. Wolf -NEEDS- this! Wolf will die without it. Halp a wolfie out, bro. Please? Don't let wolf die. Wolf lurve you. No kill wolf. D: Wolves <3 dinos. Pleasepleaseplease help wolfie. ‪#‎begginglikeafool‬ lol :3

Look at this additional info about promo:

What's Your Road Trip Anthem?  HELP US CREATE THE ULTIMATE PLAYLIST! YOUR PICK MIGHT MAKE THE SINCLAIR'S TOP 100 ROAD TRIP SONGS LIST ON PANDORA!  One Lucky winner will receive a two-night stay at a Little America or Sun Valley resort property, a $100 dining credit, and a $250 Sinclair Gas Card so you can road trip in style! Share the contest with your friends and family. Once 20 of your referrals have entered you will receive a plush DINO.
Simply enter your email and your favorite road trip song for a chance to win. 

[ends: ~06/01/16]

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