Sunday, June 12, 2016

The 'I goose they were zombies after all...' Spooky Loot Giveaway Lives!

Fear20 and LimitedLoot's 'I goose they were zombies after all...' Spooky Loot Giveaway is still happening. The giveaway ends on July, 11, 2016. Sarcanis has written up a spooky tale for us all to enjoy. Check out an excerpt below and click here to enter the giveaway.

Matt crouched behind a patch of wildly overgrown grass, rifle in hand, surveying the area for any sign of prey. He winced as the silence of the rural morning was broken by the wet, sticky sounds of Jimmy chewing his tobacco.
"Shhh... You'll scare away all the birds" he said.
"What birds? We aint seen a damn living thing all day," Jimmy shot back. A high, garbled screech filled the air just as the final word left his mouth.
"No, but we just heard one, now shut the hell up!" was the response. Both men raised their guns to eye level and turned their heads to search for any sign of movement in the direction the sound came from. 
"How do you know it was a living thing? Coulda been one of them zombies."
"Zombies? Did your mama hit you in the head with a fryin' pan when you was a boy?" said Matt.
"Ain't you heard? They got a new drug turns you into a real live zombie. Bath Soaps or some such. Stops your heart but gives you so much energy you keep on goin'"
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