Monday, October 9, 2017

(Do you like food boxes delivered right to your door?} <[O.w.O]> <[0.W.0]> {Omg! Yes.)


We wolves like food; this shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody.  Being lazy wolves, we really like it when our food is perfectly portioned, packed, and shipped right to our door.  The food box companies even include easy to follow recipe cards with detailed directions (pictures are often included for clarity and fanciness). Wolves like food boxes. Below is a list of food box services that wolves have tested. There may or may not be ratings and/or comments regarding the quality of any listed meal delivery service.

~~--{<[o..w..o]>}--~~ has provided quality product on each
occasion wolves have ordered from them.
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wolf rating meals from
food meals that wolves have acquired from food boxes