Limited Loot

This page has details about loot that can be purchased. 

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(woah}  0w0

"The Lizard Within" by Kaedin Bane
Markers on 5"x5" Canvas

"One Cool Cat" by Sergio Ramiro Patino
Markers on 3"x3" Canvas

Tulip Bookmark
Super durable, featuring the world's loneliest tulip

"Marking for the Beast" by Sergio Ramiro Patino
Edgy, 5-pointed wooden plaque imbued with energies of envy and rage and stuff

Assorted Handmade Pins
One of a kind original art pieces in pinback button form
$2 each, 2/$3 or 3/$5

Super Rare Stuffed Robot (S.R.S.R.)

Handmade Bead Bracelets
Earthy green tones bring a feeling of oneness with nature to these beautiful accessories

Handmade Wire Bracelets
If you desire the controlled chaos of the chrome-laden superfuture, 
adorn yourself with these stunning wires

"It's not really what -I'd- call art, but that's just my opinion, man."
OOAK Art Lampshade
It's a lampshade that's been arted by a wolf :3


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