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This page is full of cool stuff. If you sign up for cool stuff via wolf links or using wolf referral codes, wolves get tasty freebies. Feed freebies to wolves. Wolves is starving. lol jk :3


Caskers is kind of like an internet liquor store. They launched in June 2012 and their mission is to help people discover craft spirits and take pride in what they drink. They offer subscription services for hand-selected whiskies, vodkas, and other spirits. Everybody needs liquor delivered right to their doorstep, right? Wolves certainly do. :3


A wolf has been cooking up quite teh storm with HelloFresh! Wolves <3 HelloFresh food boxes. Wolves thought you'd also like their delicious recipes and fresh ingredients, so here's an coupon code! If you fancy giving their boxes a go, you can use this super secret wolf code to get a tasty $40 discount. Code: JVXMHS



Old Orchard Fan Club
Old Orchard has a club where one can do activities to earn points which are redeemed for prizes. I mostly play games, but you can submit recipes and other stuff. It's pretty cool. I've been a member for several months and received a 3-pack of cherry lip balm, a beanie hat, a lunch cooler, and multiple free juice coupons.

Good Reads
There are tons of great book giveaways on to choose from. It's almost impossible to not find an interesting book to attempt to win. One can enter as many giveaways as they wish and the whole thing is just really cool. Wolves have won several tasty book friends. :3 lists many the Amazon giveaways.


Not really prize machines... but...
Wolves have rounded up a variety of links to save some of ur monies from greedy, greedy machine beasts.

Wolves lurve Swagbucks furever(infinity). :3 <3


Do you know about any awesome internet prize machines? If you do, please share the wealth and let wolves know about it. Thx. :3


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